Social Work Symposium

Education and Humanities: Social Work Symposium

In conjuction with INSITE 2019


UNITAR International University, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

December 7, 2019

The Social Work Symposium gathers groups and individuals in a forum for discussion, sharing of promising practices and tools, and exchanging innovative approaches toward advocacy, all with the aim of strengthening the social service workforce. The symposium is designed with the intent to raise awareness and support for the important role that social workers play in the lives of vulnerable families and communities.



­To hear from our social workers about how they are responding to challenges through community engagement and innovative practice

­To promote the social work profession through the events occurring in the nation and globally

­To highlight its synergies with social development: shared commitments to social justice, inclusive development and human rights

­­To create an environment to foster the free exchange of ideas and practices


­The symposium will be running together with the main programme of INSITE 2019. There is no fees for the symposium however you are required to register.

­Please register as participants here:

Registration Google Form

­Deadline for Registration: 22nd Nov 2019